Tarlov Cyst

⊕ I’ve been attending David’s Physiotherapy practice for four years after he was recommended to me by a friend.  I have a rare condition which causes a lot of pain and restricted movement. I have attended NHS Physiotherapy in the past but they have been reluctant to do anything other than traction. David has worked hard to get to know me and my condition well. I travel from Cheshire every month to see him and have benefited from his advice and treatment. His treatment enables me to move easier and helps to reduce my pain.
                                          Kath H. Cheshire

     Repetitive Strain Injury/Frozen Shoulder

⊗ After many months of visiting the NHS physio department and not getting anywhere I was recommended to David. I rang and booked an appointment and explained that I needed an urgent appointment as I had been suffering with severe pain in my shoulders and back. I had three appointments with David and he made a great difference to my quality of life, I was back doing activities that I had not done for two years. The results were excellent and I am back to normal thanks to David.
enise Hopwood, Wigan

     Lower Back Injury

⊕ I wouldn’t be walking today had David not sent me straight to the hospital after he examined my back and correctly diagnosed a prolapsed disc. After a MRI scan was performed not only had I disc bulges but pieces of bone had broken off and one was just about to cut through my spinal cord. The consultant who operated on me said that the next time I drove over a speed bump the fragments of bone could have cut right through it and I would have been paralysed. I can’t thank David enough for his diagnosis and insistence I go to hospital. A lesser experienced physiotherapist may have missed the signs.   
                                   Mark Moorcroft, Standish

     Whiplash Injury

⊗ After injuring my neck in a car accident many years ago, I have suffered with constant neck and back pain, chronic headaches and scalp muscle tension. My joints stiffen and my mobility is very limited. Since coming to see David which I do now once a month to keep my joints mobile, the pain is now manageable and my mobility has improved immensely.
haron Jackson, Southport

     Frozen Shoulder
 My Doctor told me that I would never get full movement in my shoulder again. David was recommended to me by my cousin and after just 3 treatments, I’ve got full movement again. Wonderful!    
                                 Wyn Barnes, Highfield, Wigan

     Ankle Injury
 David is a brilliant Physio with a friendly and relaxed professional approach. I recommend Birkdale Physiotherapy Centre to all of my friends.
                                 Daniel Lannon, Southport

   Arm Injury 
⊕ After an injury to my right arm requiring several stitches, I found I could not straighten my arm out fully. As an artist, this limited mobility was affecting my work. I found Birkdale Physiotherapy Centre in the Yellow Pages and after just two appointments with David, I’m back to normal.
                              Shelley Briody, Ainsdale



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