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Birkdale Physiotherapy and Sports Injury Centre can help you with
muscle pain, joint pain and sports injuries

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David Wordsworth


42d Liverpool Road, Birkdale,

Southport. PR8 4AY

Tel: 01704 550977



  1. See patients as soon after first contact as possible.
  2. Enable patients to maximise their function.
  3. Instil patients with confidence in their ability at work, home or in sport.
  4. Minimise discomfort related to the patient's problem.
  5. Ensure that patients understand their problem and its treatment.
  6. Ensure that patients are aware of the need to contribute to their treatment.
  7. Ensure that treatment is appropriate and effective.

Birkdale Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Centre was opened in Birkdale Village in May 2000 by David Wordsworth, and has since established a local and regional reputation for excellence (and value for money) in the provision of Physiotherapy Services.

David’s philosophy at Birkdale has always been to optimise recovery time and return to function by treating the CAUSE of the condition rather than the symptoms.

Simply put:


 ‘Listen’  to  what  the  patient  is  telling  you;   then:  use over  27 years of ‘hands on’ experience to establish a diagnosis and agree a treatment plan.


 An understanding between the patient and the therapist as to requirements and expectations of treatment. Trust is created as to therapist’s knowledge, skills and motivations.


Do something useful to make the patient better; then: tell them what you did and how to do it to themselves to continue the recovery process or prevent the condition recurring.


 The patient has an understanding of the condition, has received some treatment and is empowered with the information they require to continue to self treat, knowing that the therapist is available if required.

Further Result: Less attendances for treatment required, therefore less financial outlay by patient, therefore more ‘word of mouth’ recommendation: Everyone’s Happy!

This approach has been criticised in the past as a poor business model, but 15 years of running a Clinic on this basis has led to a busy Sole Practitioner Based Practice working in a small village based setting on predominantly ‘word of mouth’ recommendation.

Which is the way we like it.

01704 550977 / 07932799668

Birkdale, Southport Liverpool Road, Birkdale Birkdale Physiotherapy


“I drive an eighty mile round trip every time I need Physio. I wouldn’t dream of going anywhere else but Birkdale Physio Centre.”       

                            Kathryn Mackenzie , Altrincham

“My Doctor told me that I would never get full movement in my shoulder again. David was recommended to me by my cousin and after just 3 treatments, I’ve got full movement again. Wonderful!”     

                                       Wyn Barnes, Highfield.

‘David is a brilliant Physio with a friendly and relaxed professional approach. I recommend Birkdale Physiotherapy Centre to all of my friends.'

Daniel Lannon, Southport


Birkdale Physiotherapy

and Sports Injury Centre

 After years of suffering with what I thought was Tennis Elbow, I visited David and immediately he knew it was coming from my neck and shoulder after just one treatment I was pain free for the first time in years.                                    Steve Kay, Southport